Upcoming Events

If you have any questions about upcoming events, please contact the Service Desk at 304-558-2317.

Upcoming Events August 2018

Date Time                   Event Title     Location
10/1/2018   4pm - 5pm
Healthcare 1st Amendment Event       Kanawha Blvd Steps
10/6/2018  7am - 3pm V-100 Yard Sale    Laidley Parking Lot
10/13/2018 9am - 12pm
Cross Roads Fundraising Walk                Kanawha Blvd Steps and Capitol      Circle (north side)


9am - 6:30pm

Yeager Air Show Parking

   Lots 7,8,9,7A and 7B


10/18/2018   7pm - 8:30pm  WV Republicans Amendment One Rally

   Kanawha Blvd Steps



10/20/2018  0/20/2018   10am - 2pm  Childhood Cancer Charity Walk
   Kanawha Blvd Steps
10/27/2018    7am - 12pm       United Way Yard Sale               Parking Garage (1st Floor)

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